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Using Facebook Groups to Elevate Your Practice

I’m sure most of you have a Facebook account for your business, but this social network can be used in many other ways to elevate your career. I had just about stopped logging into my personal account when I joined and found value in Facebook groups a couple of years ago. If you aren’t utilizing them already, or if you are overwhelmed by them, read on.

There are a variety of private Facebook groups created by and dedicated to elevating dietitians’ blogs and businesses. Some have a goal of sharing each other’s content on social media platforms. You might wonder how this benefits your business, but the reality is, your followers enjoy a variety of content and there’s no way you have every recipe they’ll need on your own website! In addition, you’ll learn from other RDs with different specialties.

Other Facebook groups may be targeted to your area of expertise or an area that you hope to branch into. Whether general private practice, virtual practice, intuitive eating or writing, you can find a group (or create one!) to connect with other dietitians with similar interests while both gaining knowledge from others and providing your own tips when others need your help too.

As with any social media outlet, it’s important to follow proper “netiquette”. Most groups have guidelines pinned to the top of the page; read them before posting any information that promotes your business. Remember that every dietitian has a different background as well as clients with different health and demographic considerations. Always be respectful of others opinions and be open-minded when contributing.

Have you joined so many groups that you’re overwhelmed by the notifications and have just started to ignore them? Do some spring cleaning by leaving groups that don’t serve you and turn off push notifications on your cell phone.

Take Action in Your Practice Daily

How long is your "to do" list actually? If you are like me I am sure it could easily be a few pages long. And don’t forget all those brilliant ideas you have for other projects, services, and courses you want to create. This can be the greatest and most frustrating part of being an entrepreneur.

This month I want you to take time and take action on that to do list. I am all about taking action in my practice daily and want you to do the same. I promise it will not be too much and you will actually see changes fast.

Fist start with a brain dump. Grab a sheet of paper and a timer. For 10 minutes I want you to write out EVERYTHING and I do mean everything that is on your mind about your practice. What has been keeping you up at night? Where are you feeling stuck or freaking out over? Once you finished the first pass, set the timer for another 10 minutes and see if you can expand on the original brain dump.

Second, every day I want you to pick out 3, no more no less, of daily driven goals that you can do in 10-minute task. For example, if what I picked out was blogging, it might take me more than 10 min to write out a blog. Break that big task into 10-minute bite sizes.

1.     Pick out the topic of this blog
2.     Write out the keywords for this blog
3.     Write the first 1-2 paragraphs of this blog

Lastly, take action daily. If you can get in the habit of writing out your 3 ten minutes driven goals that you are going to do I promise you will eventually get through your entire to-do list in a more timely, less stressed manner.

Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD CEDRD-S
Nominating Committee

March 2018: Just Do It

It seems to be often that I hear dietitians (myself included) say they don’t feel like they know enough. As dietitians we are natural born learners and some days it seems like we can never catch up to the latest superfood or research or insert crazy diet here.

It is very easy to stay in that comfort zone of what we know and not branch out to new areas for fear of failure, not doing it right, or the fear of just not knowing ‘enough’.  When I find myself stuck I often fall back to a piece of advice I was given and it just so happens to be the tag line for Nike, “Just do it.”

You have to just do it. The “it” could be starting the blog, video series, learning a new piece of technology or jumping into private practice. Nobody gets everything (or sometimes anything) right the first time but you will never know what could be or what you are capable of if you don’t do it.

Growth happens when we take that risk, when we are a little uncomfortable.  Push your boundaries and take the leap.

Amanda Sauceda, MS, RDN, CLT, Nominating Committee

February 2018 Tip of the Month: February is Vote Month!

February is Vote Month!

When we think of February, voting is not always on the top of our list.  We are probably thinking about Black History Month, Superbowl Sunday, American Heart Month, or Valentine’s Day.  Some of us may be thinking about the not-so-publicized, Bubble Gum day (the first Friday of the month) and Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (the first Saturday of the month)!  Most of us don’t think about voting but we all should!  Why?  It is part of our contribution to our profession to make our voices heard as well as document our opinion on how the Academy should operate.  Election 2018 is February 1-15, so please take the time to view the candidates and vote at www.eatrightPRO.org/elections.  Last year, NE won Project Vote with 33.88% of members voting, and as Nutrition Entrepreneurs we must continue to make our voices heard.  Let’s make it our goal to increase our voting percentage this year and rock the vote!

3 Essential Voting Tips You Should Follow:
1.      Read the candidate bios - make sure to take the time to carefully read the candidate bios so that you can evaluate the candidate’s experience and make an informed decision.  The choices you make matter, and who you choose will have an impact on the profession.
2.      Identify the candidates that will best effect the changes you want to see occur - voting is your way of expressing yourself, and a way to have a vested interest in the issues about which you care the most.  Look for similarities in the candidate statements when deciding who you want to support.
3.      Make sure to vote - casting a vote feels great!  You can’t complain about who won if you don’t vote.  When you vote, you make your voice heard and you get a say in who represents you.

Now please, go vote!

Lisa Jones, MA, RDN, LDN, FAND
NE Awards Coordinator

January Tip of the Month - 2018

New year, new you! The beginning of the year is always an easy time to incorporate a sustainable goal in your life. However, less than 10% of people keep up with their resolution by December. Let’s approach 2018 realistically and put less focus on the outcome and more on HOW we’re going to reach our goal instead.

Do you want to open your own practice? Make a particular income by 12/31? Increase your social media following? Map it out and have a game plan to guide you to success!

1.    Break up your ultimate goal into weekly and monthly tasks. Let January be your research month and start doing your due diligence by reading blogs, attending webinars, or taking Google by its reins. Even with an “I can do everything myself” entrepreneurial spirit, don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel. The NEdpg listserv has answers to almost every question, and if not, then this could also be a chance for you to contribute and network!

2.    Print out a monthly/yearly calendar or e-planner and set firm deadlines for yourself. When we don’t have a teacher or boss looming over our shoulders, it’s too easy to keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Scheduling it into your agenda with the same importance as a business meeting will ensure your task doesn't get left in the dust.

3.    A little organization goes a long way. Develop your ideas using the S.M.A.R.T goal method to fine-tune your roadmap to success. Having measurable objectives help provide focus and increase motivation.

Always remember little changes lead to big success! 2018 is your year to shine.


Tara Condell, MS, RDN
Social Media Coordinator