Tip of the Month -Become a Better Writer

Tip of the Month -Become a Better Writer

I begged my parents for a typewriter on my 9th birthday and spent hours on end hovered over the keyboard, typing out short stories. With upgraded hardware and a few more tools under my belt as a RDN, today I regularly get paid to write.

Many Registered Dietitians are channeling their inner Carrie Bradshaws and authoring their own books, writing for publications and weekly columns, and being featured in major news outlets- without journalism degrees or extra training.

If you want to add writing to your nutrition repertoire, practice these tips to help hone your craft:

Write often. Journaling, blogging, and even posting on social media can be great writing practice. With consistency comes speed, higher quality content, and better flow.

Focus. Choose a time when your brain is fresh and energized. My words and ideas flow best in the morning, but creative energy may come at night for others.

Be conversational. Rigid and overly structured content gets boring so don’t be afraid to sprinkle in playful flavor. Do make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation and don’t go overboard with casual talk.

Take breaks. Prevent writer’s block by taking regular breaks. Research shows our brains only function at maximum capacity for 90 minutes, and it’s often during downtime that inspiration strikes. Be it five minutes or five weeks- books, travel, exercise and exploration recharge us.

Revise. Step away, come back with fresh eyes, and remove all the fluff. Words like ‘really, this, that, some, and very’ are overused and in most cases can be eliminated.

Erin Hendrickson, RDN, LDN
Director of Communications