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With Nutrition Entrepreneur (NE) membership, you'll receive invaluable tools and resources, along with endless networking opportunities with a diverse group of nutrition professionals to help you achieve and exceed your career ambitions! Here's a sneak peak summary into all of the great benefits available to you as a Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group (NEDPG) member:

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  1. Go to and Login.
  2. Then click on “My Academy Toolbar” in the middle of the page.
  3. Click on “MY Groups”.
  4. Then go to “Add DPG/MIG”.  
  5. Add Nutrition Entrepreneurs (#30) to your groups.
  6. Then Checkout of the EatRight store.

Membership: $35/year. Students: $15/year

Information and Resources

  • Electronic Mailing List (EML): Connect with thousands of NE members instantly with our EML list! Get ready for lively discussion and TONS of valuable information sharing among colleagues to help your business thrive! All Specialty Groups also have their own specific EML to allow you to interact with other experts in that group. **One of NE’s most popular benefits.

  • 8-12 FREE Teleseminars and Webinars with continuing education unit (CEU) credits every year! Listen to live webinars/teleseminars throughout the year (recordings available for members on this website). That’s $800-$1000 in continuing education that stays in your pocket as a member of NE!

  • NE Toolkit: This is a MUST-HAVE tool for any nutrition entrepreneur. In this e-book, we've compiled the most up-to-date and useful articles, tips, and information on a variety of topics! This $79.99 value is now available online . . . FREE for members.

  • Ventures Newsletter: Written by top nutrition entrepreneurs, this publication is delivered right to your door five times a year, complete with cutting edge information on nutrition and food tools, resources, trends, speaking, private practice, counseling, business topics, technology, social media tips, and more for managing your business.

  • Mentor Program: Take years off the learning curve by teaming up with an NE mentor, OR volunteer to mentor an up-and-coming nutrition entrepreneur!

Marketing and Promotion

  • Ventures Newsletter: Discounted advertising as an NE member.

  • Products and Services: 3 FREE advertisements for your products or services right on the NE website!

  • EMLs Advertisimg: Opportunity to promote your products or services to all members on the electronic mailing lists

  • Mini-NE Meetings: Getting to know colleagues and peers is key to professional growth, buildimg relationships, and learning from other experts. So meet and mingle with your fellow NE members! Grants are available (and easy to get) if you're interested in hosting a mini-meeting in your area.

Innovation and Recognition

NE members have a thriving history of high achievement! We like to recognize our dynamic and boundary-pushing group through both internal and external awards. Each year, NE names an Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur whom we believe embodies the characteristics of our organization through their application of entrepreneurship. The awardee is provided with $1000 and is honored at the annual Networking Event at FNCE®! In addition to the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year award, NE offers a Professional Development Dietetic Student Award. This award provides the opportunity for an NE student member to attend FNCE® and experience the inner-workings of our organization at the annual Executive Committee meeting, all of the networking and professional development events. The award is provided to a student who demonstrates a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and the craft of using nutrition in creative, interesting ways. Furthermore, NE submits nominations of its members to the Academy for national awards such as the Excellence in Practice Awards on an annual basis. We pride ourselves on being an organization of both giving and receiving and therefore we encourage our members to nominate each other for awards through the website or at many in-person events across the country! If you have any questions about this process please contact the Incoming Director of Awards and Networking using our Contact Us form. Awards are:

  • Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year ($1,000 awarded)

  • Professional Development Dietetic Student Award

  • See the Current Award Winners. For the Online Nomination Form, visit Members .

Additional Networking Opportunities

NE Specialty Groups: Why join a specialty group? Specialty groups help define and build your market niche. Each of NE's Specialty Groups are designed to help bring together dietitians of similar interests, to provide a forum of networking, exchanging of ideas that will improve and build new skills. They are intended for beginners and advanced practice level dietitians as well as those thinking of starting a business or gaining employment in a related area.

  • Authors & Writers share information and provide guidance to their peers and aspiring authors. Through e-mail communication, authors have easy access to mentors who can guide them to write and promote their books while enhancing their writing careers.

  • Coaches create a forum for members interested in learning and sharing expertise about being a coach.

  • Corporate Wellness provides support and networking to NE members with a focus or interest in providing wellness and nutrition coaching programs directly to employees with services reimbursed by corporate endorsement.

  • Private Practice provides NE members with support and networking for those interested or already practicing as nutrition therapists in a private practice setting. Some clients may be interested in medical nutrition therapy for a specific medical problem, while others may want to seek professional nutrition advice to optimize performance in a sport or to prevent chronic disease.

  • Second Career Dietitians provides support and networking opportunities for NE members who are second career dietitians, second career students studying to become dietitians or dietitians who provide mentoring or other services in support of second career dietitians and students.

  • Speakers & Media share their experiences to help members improve their speaking and marketing skills. Aspiring speakers can learn about marketing and other business skills needed to become a paid speaker.

  • Technology & Social Media assists NE members with an interest in increasing their presence on the Internet. This might include using the web to generate business or to improve client communication. Some members may be involved in using commercial websites to market their business and services, others may be blogging to communicate the latest food and nutrition information. Many members are interested in heightening their social media skills to engage more clients, consumers and colleagues.

  • Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®) Networking Events

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Call The Academy (1-800-877-1600 ext. 5000) to join today, or join online.
Membership: $35/year. Students: $15/year