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SPEAKER: Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LDN

WHEN: Thursday, September 6th at 1pm ET/10am PT




Building Expertise Through Writing outlines how writing can support the message of a new or growing business. By identifying the target market and its most-read publications/media outlets, a business-owner can directly reach the audience by presenting themselves as an expert. In this webinar, we will discuss the type of content to create, as well as how to consistently share the message until they become the go-to source of information in their field.



Upon completion, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify the various types of content to reach your audience and the most effective delivery methods for each one.
  2. Discuss how to present yourself as an expert through your writing.
  3. Explain the action steps to becoming the go-to source of information in a field.



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SPEAKER: Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LDN

Nicole Aucoin is a registered dietitian who has worked in the nutrition and fitness industry for over 15 years. She found CrossFit in 2009 and was instantly drawn to the community. In 2012, Nicole founded Healthy Steps Nutrition, a nutrition-consulting business, and a few years later she expanded to open CrossFit HSN. Nicole’s philosophy is disease prevention through a healthy lifestyle; she promotes real food and balanced diets. Through HSN, Nicole offers mentoring services that help dietitians and gyms owners around the world build profitable nutrition programs.  Nicole's book, "Nourish: Grow Your Nutrition Business From the Ground Up," is available on Amazon.

Nicole is an active contributor to The CrossFit Journal and Box Pro Magazine. She has also presented at numerous fitness and nutrition conferences, most recently at the 2018 CrossFit Games.



WEBINAR: Sowing the Seed: A New Frontier for Fiber. Thursday September 20th, 2018.  Sponsored by HealthSense™ Flour from Bay State Milling Company.

SPEAKERS: Julie Miller Jones, PhD, LN, CNS, and Crispin Howitt, PhD

WHEN: Thursday, September 20th at 3pm ET/12 PT

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Wheat flour is an important food staple around the world.  When eaten in the whole grain form, foods made from wheat kernels are meaningful sources of dietary fiber. However, many products are made with refined white flour from the wheat endosperm and have much less dietary fiber because the bran has been removed.  Scientists have been exploring ways to develop wheat with more fiber in the endosperm to help address the global fiber gap. This webinar will take you from wheat seed to wholesome bread. Julie Miller Jones, PhD, LN, CNS, will outline the extreme fiber gap, resistant starch as a form of dietary fiber, and the current understanding of dietary fiber’s importance and impact on human health. Crispin Howett, PhD, will explain the path to developing and growing a higher fiber wheat by increasing the resistant starch content of the endosperm to make a higher fiber flour.  Attendees will gain insights into how agronomy and nutrition can intersect to address the fiber gap and improve public health.



Upon completion, attendees will be able to:

  1. Discuss at least three evidence-based benefits of resistant starch on human health. 
  2. Explain resistant starch, along with its unique benefits and bioactive behavior in the body
  3. Summarize the difference between traditional wheat and higher fiber wheat. Address questions about the taste and quality of a typical food product made with a higher fiber wheat.



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A) Julie Miller Jones, PhD, LN, CNS

Dr. Jones is a Professor Emerita of Nutrition in the Department of Family, Consumer and Nutritional Sciences at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Food and Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. She is an internationally recognized expert, speaker and author in nutritional science with a focus on the global intake and health impact of carbohydrates, fiber and whole grains.

She’s also the go-to resource for food safety and has authored the book, Food Safety (Eagan Press).As a leader among her peers, Dr. Jones led the Whole Grains Task Force and the Glycemic Carbohydrate Definition Committee and is Past President of the American Association of Cereal Chemists International.

B) Crispin Howitt

Crispin completed his PhD at the Australian National University, studying respiratory pathways and photorespiration in cyanobacteria and the chloroplasts of higher plants. His first postdoctoral fellowship was at Arizona State University where he studied the interaction of respiration and photosynthesis in cyanobacteria.In 2000 he moved to CSIRO in Canberra, Australia, for a second postdoctoral fellowship using gene technology to modify starch structure and function in the model plant Arabidopsis.

At the end of 2002 he moved into the area of cereal quality. Since then he has had a diverse range of interests: carotenoid biosynthesis in cereal grains, how manipulation of protein content and composition impacts end product functionality, the genetics of end product quality in wheat and modification of grain composition for health benefits.