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Content Marketing and Business Growth

5 Steps To Effectively Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business
1. Know Who You Want to Attract
Before you can create content that appeals to your target market (and potential clients), you need to know what they are struggling with, what they want to know, and how they want it. Do they want to read, listen, watch, etc? (Always good to simply ask your current clients and subscribers to learn the answer.) Once you know what they want and how they want it…deliver. Be consistent in what you right about to highlight yourself as someone who specializing in this area.
2. Be consistent with your publishing.
How often you want to publish may impact the form of content marketing that will work best for you. For example, consistency is expected with blogs, newsletters, magazines, and podcasting. Consistency is wise, but not required when it comes to videos, ebooks, webinars, and infographics. 
3. Leverage audiences of others.
Guest blog posting is a great example of how to leverage someone else’s audience. If you provide a guest post/article that includes where to learn more about you, this is one strategy to grow your own following. Another example would be to teach a class hosted by someone else that is marketed to their list/audience.
4. Create it once and leverage it fully.
One piece of content can be re-used in many, many different ways. Let’s use a blog article as one example. This article can be broken down into tweets for Twitter, status updates for Facebook, group discussions on LinkedIn, read it and record to create a podcast for itunes, use the content to create a simple video of you sharing the article content as a tip or teaching point and distribute on YouTube.
5. Analyze your results.
If you are going to make the time to create and distribute content as a marketing strategy, you need to analyze the results. Google analytics is a free and useful tool to monitor what websites are sending traffic to your site. Use it!
Lisa Nelson RD


As entrepreneurs hungry to get our names out to the public, many of us want to break into media, but have no idea where to start or how to get practice speaking in front of a camera or on radio. While hiring a media coach or taking classes is a great investment, many of us are working on a shoestring budget.  

Contact your local university and get on camera, interview experience by lending your services to students!  There are tons of highly skilled media students desperate to interview credible nutrition authorities for their multi-media projects!  Contact the Communications, Film/Television, Journalism/Broadcasting departments and give them your name. Many universities have state of the art television and radio stations producing high quality product.  Not only do you receive valuable media practice, but you can also share the online link of the interview on your website!

You never know who these students may become one day!  YOU could be interviewing with the next Diane Sawyer or Ryan Seacrest!

Tip of the Month: December 2014
Lindsey Pine MS, RDN, CSSD

Using Inspiration to Make Things Happen

Everyone gets fired up after FNCE. And even if you didn't attend FNCE this year, you've likely just finished an amazing business book, attended one of our webinars or had a mastermind meeting where you were PUMPED UP! The problem comes when that energy and inspiration fizzles out and nothing gets done at all. Here are three ways you can use that excitement to make things happen and create an exciting change:

  1. Find a theme word: If you take a close look at your jumbled notes from the event that inspired your fire, you can find a theme. It may be "organization" or "writing" or "re-branding". Finding the one big idea will help streamline your 'to-do' list and focus your energy.
  2. Create a task list: Don't leave your ideas without actionable tasks! This is where good ideas go to die. Use an app like Wunderlist or ToDoist to keep tasks on your phone and organized, or just pull out a big piece of paper and markers. Organize your tasks by group (technology, errands, research) and then by priority status. 
  3. Pick a task each week: Let's get real: this is not happening over the weekend. Pick one task each week to focus on and complete. It's tempting to start and stop multiple tasks at once, but seeing each step through to completion gives you a final product. 

How do you use your passion to make things happen?

Tip of the Month: November 2014

Carlene Thomas RDN

Five Simple Steps to Live Ridiculously Happy

My client Sue exclaimed, “I’ve put my life on hold. All I do is work. I’ve never been so tired!” With FNCE three weeks away, maybe you too are feeling overwhelmed. Here are few tips Sue and I worked on that could work fabulously for you when you feel like you are drowning in work.

Integrity Check
I suggested to Sue that perhaps she was unhappy because as she didn’t feel in integrity. Integrity is doing what is right for your physical and emotional well being. She wanted to lose weight. She felt her job didn’t allow her time to exercise as even her off days were spent preparing training presentations. She wanted to spend more time in her garden and wanted to say “yes” to friends when they called instead of “being married to her email” every night.

What Do You Want
We focused on her vision of what she wanted her life to be – “Strong! Strong body, mind and spirit!! Passionate about exercise! Passionate about work!” Whatever you focus your attention on becomes bigger and bolder. If you focus on how terrible your life is; it will be more ridiculously horrible. So write down what you want. Maybe you are not feeling in integrity because “shoulds” and pleasing others have taken over your life.

Put Yourself First
The secret to loving a life you want to live is to put yourself first. (Sorry Mom and Dad). This is not about being self–centered and nasty. Rather, it is deliberate creation and using the Law of Attraction to attract the life you love. So, what do you do? First notice if your day is full of wants, like craving M&M’s or wanting to walk outside, or “shoulds” - which are duties or obligations or a sense of shame if you don’t do them.

Write Your Yes list
Make a list of standards (coaching word for your yes list) for self-care habits you want to do to energize your physical and emotional well being. Example: I will eat breakfast. I will go to bed at 10:30 pm. I will schedule a walk in the afternoon. I will not answer the phone after 9 pm (self-care time).

Accept Responsibility
Finally accept RESPONSIBILITY for your physical and emotional well being. No one else can make you happy but you. Only you can give your energy away. You decide to whom and to where your energy goes. Patch up those energy cracks where you are giving your energy away. When you feel whole and living in integrity, you love your life and are even more generous with your time and energy and have more to give away.

Every day decide how to “get rid of the junk and keep the good stuff.”  
Who is responsible for my happiness? (There is a correct answer!)
Here to help!

Tip of the Month: October 2014

Chere Bork, MS, RDN

Marathons Mirror the Challenges of Life

My name is Niki Strealy and I’m a marathon runner. I love the way marathons mirror the challenges of life, particularly for those of us in private practice. 

Nine Marathon Training Tips for Private Practice Dietitians

1. Pace yourself. I constantly remind my clients life is a marathon, not a sprint. Be careful not to go out too fast or you will burn out quickly.  

2. Take fuel breaks. I jokingly tell my family it’s time to “feed the dietitian”. We need to eat too! As we tell our clients, plan what you are going to eat, so you can make better choices. 

3. Set tangible goals. My racing goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. (I missed it by 1.6 seconds!) Where do you want to be in three months? Twelve months? Five years?

4. Create a plan, but be flexible. During my last marathon, my only fuel fell out of my pocket in the first mile. I had to change my fueling plan in the middle of the race. Start with a business plan, then roll with it!

5. Be confident and positive. During a race, another runner asked how I was feeling. I told her I was tired and hurting. She said, “No, you feel awesome!” Now I always tell myself I feel “awesome” no matter how I’m really feeling. Your own confidence and positivity will make a powerful impact on your clients.

6. Get the right gear. When running, proper shoes and clothing are important. In business, you need a good computer, software, phone, fax, and charting system. 

7. Use your support squad. Enlist the support of family, friends, and other NE members (join the EML today!). Find a mentor, mastermind group, attorney, bookkeeper, and accountant. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on.

8. No pain no gain. If running were easy, everyone would do it. Same with private practice. The effort you put in now will pay off in the long run.

9. Savor the victory. Having your own business is a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it! Share your success with those who have supported you. 

Tip of the Month: September 2014

Niki Strealy, RDN, LD