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Amy Pleimling, RDN, LD
$12.99 paperback/ $19.99 hardcover

Amy Pleimling is a registered dietitian nutritionist, author of "Don't Yuck My Yum!" and mother of three children. Through the book's fun rhymes, colorful pages and relevant food situations,  Amy hopes to teach healthy eating concepts that appeal to both children and adults.;

Angela is a specialist in pediatric and family nutrition. She enjoys writing about the challenges and opportunities that families face when feeding their growing children in a fast-paced world. On her blog, Mommy Dietitian, Angela documents her own experiences raising young children, following evidence-based nutrition knowledge and translating it in practical ways.

Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD, (972)442-9180

Carolyn is a 2017 James Beard Journalism Winner with 15 yrs experience writing print and digital content for brands like Cooking Light and Time Inc.  She’s written 3 cookbooks:  YUM! Kids Cookbook, First Foods: A Cookbook for Your Baby and Toddler, & Health Magazine’s Food Lovers Weight Loss Cookbook.  Open to  ghost-writing. (205) 393-7711

Nutrition Dimension has over 250 continuing education courses that must be updated every 2 to 3 years, requring a lot of authors. I use NE members for updates and for peer review, matching expertise to the content. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in either being an author or doing peer review of our print courses or webinars. I look forward to hearing from you. (847) 781-4165 (office) (541) 702-2293 (mobile)
Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RDN

At Affordable Editing Services, we like to say, "no author should be without an editor". Let AES help you from start to finish, even before you've written the book. We offer writing coaching, editing, book design, and publishing coaching. Many fellow dietitians have used AES, appreciating my nutrition background, and my being published by mainstream publishers and self-publishing. 

Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RD,, Affordable Editing Services, Lynnwood, Washington, (425)778-1340
Flavorful Fortified Food - Recipes to Enrich Life
$22.99 - Quantity Discounts Available

Food First! Break the boredom of commercial products with these 60 high calorie, high protein recipes - beverage, breads & cereal, dessert, main dish, sauce & soup, and side dishes in quantities for one and ten portions. Paperback, pdf format, and training materials available.



Cassens Associates - Diversified Nutrition Management Systems, PO Box 581, La Habra, CA 90633 OR Dynamic Communication Services, 20 Worman Lane, Bernville, PA 19506

As a RDN with more than 20 years experience as journalist and editor, I love helping other dietitians communicate their ideas crisply and cleanly. Whether you need a simple proofread or more substantive editing, I can provide the professional polish for your writing project that takes your words and ideas to the next level, while respecting your unique voice as a nutrition expert.

(206) 601-8537 or

Nutrition Communication through small group presentations, copywriting for social media, blogging, copywriting and design patient/client handouts. 

Freelance Writer: magazines, newspapers, brochures, and education materials. Author: New Indian Home Cooking and The Indian Vegan Kitchen (October 2009) Indian Cuisine Expert: Cooking instructor and recipe developer. Madhu teaches the art and science of Indian cooking to home cooks and chefs.

Madhu Gadia MS, RD, CDE, (515)292-7170

Reliable, cutting-edge nutrition and food information from a foodie dietitian. Hana A. Feeney, MS, RD, will provide dynamic and engaging articles, workshops and interactive presentations on a variety of integrative nutrition and optimal health topics.

Phone: (520) 429-3418 Fax: (520) 306-5095 is a website for parents of children with diabetes. Authored by a RD, CDE who has two children with type 1 diabetes, Parenting Diabetes seeks to educate and provide support for parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes.

Sylvia White, RD CDE

I can write and/or edit text and content for websites, magazine and newspapers. I have worked with many major publishers incl Dorling Kindersley, Arbor, Hardie Grant and Murdoch.
Virtual Nutritional Services
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  3. Continuing Education Author, Editor, Peer Review
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