Food Labeling & Analysis

Nutritient analyses and Nutrition Facts labeling on menus and recipes for cookbooks authors and publishers, websites, magazines, restaurants, and others. Nutrition reports customized to each project's needs with quick-turnaround.  References available upon request; 15 years experience in nutrition and food community., (205) 393-7711

As a Registered Dietitian and chef with over 15 years of food and nutrition industry experience, Michelle has worked with caterers, schools, food companies, and chefs to analyze their menus and recipes, while consulting with them on how to improve the nutrition profile. She can also help you build healthy recipes that exceed your customers' expectations in taste.

Michelle Dudash, RD, President, Chef Dudash Nutrition, Phoenix, AZ; (480) 907-6948
Consulting in Nutrition Analysis
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Nutrition analysis and Nutrition Facts Labeling for websites, food writers, food producers, chefs and cookbook publishers. Recipe and product development.

Wendy Hess, RD, CDE, Consulting in Nutrition Analysis, 115 Charlotte Street, Burlington, VT 05401; (802)863-3033; FAX: (802)658-6376

I taught menu writing for eight years at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. I have also written and implemented menus for hospitals, long-term care and assisted living centers. Contact me if you need a menu written for an institution.

Consulting services: Food, menu and dietary supplement labeling regulations and advertising claims; Calculated nutrient analyses for Nutrition Facts, recipes, meal plans, restaurant menus, cookbooks, magazines, websites; Nutrition trends strategy for marketplace positioning and marketing communications campaigns; Specialty in cultural and ethnic foodways and dietary practices.

Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN, Concept Nutrition, Inc.; (215)639-1203; Cell (267)288-8563; 4201 Neshaminy Blvd PMB 206, Bensalem, PA 19020
Food Labeling and Analysis
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Balanced Pantry handles all food labeling needs, including developing and modifying Nutrition Facts labels, complying with nutrient content and health claims on food labels, and developing nutrition communications materials.

Protect Your Plate with KeepSafe Food chopping mats. Each has food safety tips and a safe cooking temperature grid right on them. Mats can be used in place of cutting boards. They are less expensive to buy and easier to clean and store. Four available: Basic 4 Food safety tips, FAQs for First Time Foodies, Produce Food Safety, Safe Outdoor Eating

Mary Angela Miller, MS, RD, LD, FADA, (614)620-0459

Our Analysis and Exercise tools are all NEW! Food and exercise data too. We've really simplified how you can record what you eat. You can favorite foods you eat often and add custom foods that you buy. You can even favorite your custom foods. You can keep track of what you eat from day to day as often as you like on your mobile phone / tablet or PC / Mac.

Joanne Larsen MS RD LD
Nutrient Analysis & Nutrition Fact Labels
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Writing a cookbook? Need a Nutrition Fact label? I  do nutrition analyses of recipes, menus, intake logs. The analysis covers many nutrients and offers a variety of ways to report data. Recipes can be scaled for multiple yields and there are 27 different Nutrition Fact layout options. 



Debra Zwiefelhofer, RDN, LD

Nett Nutrition specializes in food and health communications. We provide FDA compliant food product and menu labeling services. A registered dietitian completes each database nutrition analysis.

Annette Schotteneld, MBA, RD, CDN, President, Nett Nutrition, Inc., P.O. Box 165, Woodbury, New York 11797; 516-921-1514
Sara Bloms, RDN, LD - The Everyday Table
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Sara Bloms has gained recognition in the Twin Cities as a resource to chefs, restaurants, food writers and producers for providing nutritional support to meet consumer demands on health while maintaining flavor. She provides a range of customizable services, such as menu and recipe analysis, FDA compliant label consultation and recipe development, to address your specific needs.

Sara Bloms, RD, The Everyday Table, Minneapolis MN; (612) 454-0485;

Elizabeth has over 5 years of experience in recipe analysis and label creation. She has worked with universitites, small brands and large organizations on adhereing to the FDA regulations for menu, product and food allergen labeling. 

Elizabeth Ann Shaw, MS, RD, CLT Owner, ​Shaw's Simple Swaps Wellness, Nutrition & Food Allergen Consulting (W) (C) 858 226 9393
Trade Show/Exhibit Management and Staffing
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Realtime Nutrition is owned and operated by Master Level Registered Dietitians. Our experience and expertise in the field of nutrition and health brings crediblity to products marketed at conferences for health care professionals. We are available to staff exhibits, in-service sales staff, coordinate exhibit details and customer follow up.

Laura Coti Garrett, MS, RD, CDE; (201)225-9300