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The purpose of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) Products & Services page is to provide a forum for the promotion and sales of products and services of NE members.

Guidelines for Listing Products & Services on the NE Website

  1. Products listed on the website must be developed by the NE member. All products and services must be wholly owned or copyrighted by the NE member. This opportunity is for our members to affordably advertise products and services valued by the nutrition community.
  2. Each member will receive three (3) free listings. Each submission form is considered a listing. A listing may be for the member, the member's company, the member's product, or a group of products that fit within the defined categories chosen. Members may choose to list similar products together in one submission form provided that ALL items listed belong to the same category. Testimonials may not be included in the submission. Submissions must be no more than 400 characters. NEdpg reserves the right to edit your entry if it exceeds the 400 character limit.
  3. Members may post one graphic or logo with each listing. Graphic or logo must be in .jpg format.
  4. Since the Products & Services listings are available to the public, we would not recommend listing phone or email addresses. Please just direct visitors to your website.
  5. Each listing will be posted from June 1 through June 30 or any part of that time and may be renewed annually, provided NE membership is current. A reminder email to renew or update your listing will be sent to each member. You must renew your listing no later than June 30 or it will expire, regardless of the date you purchased your listing.
  6. Additional listings (beyond three) can be purchased for $40 each (includes a graphic or logo).

To List or Renew a Product or Service:

  1. After logging onto the NE website, you can view your account anytime by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of your browser screen.
  2. In Your Account screen, click on the My Services tab where you can add/renew up to three (3) free products and services listings. You can add one image for each listing.
  3. Please select the category you would like your listing to appear in on our Products & Services page.
  4. The My Services page will tell you how many free listings you have and how many free listings remaining, as well as how many listings you have purchased in the store.
  5. If you want to add more than your three free listings click on the Purchase button, which will connect you with our store where you can make your purchase ($40 per listing).


  1. This member products & services area is provided for the benefit and convenience of NE members. The fact that a product or service is included here does not suggest that it is endorsed, sponsored, or recommended by NE or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy). Members should form their own opinions about such products or services.
  2. NE reserves the right to refuse inclusion of a product whose nature/content may be considered discriminatory, personally offensive, or otherwise unacceptable.
  3. NE reserves the right to evaluate all statements and visual images in product/services submissions and to refuse to accept any that do not conform to NE or Academy policy or philosophy.
  4. NE is not responsible for the reimbursement of a listing if a member does not renew his/her NE membership by May 31 of any year.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Products & Services, please contact NE using the contact us form.