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Stay connected and up-to-date on all the latest Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG happenings! From must-see webinars, to finding out where we'll be at FNCE®, to mini meetings in your area — trust us, you won't want to miss these!


Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) offers 12+ free relevant-to-you webinars per year.

Each is accompanied by CEUs (bonus!) and if you miss one, you can easily listen to it later, since all webinars and teleseminars are archived.

Our webinars are a favorite with the NE community!

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®)

FNCE® is a time for NE members to come together. If you're thinking about becoming a member, it's a fabulous opportunity for you to meet us and see if NE is a fit for you.

We'll be at the DPG showcase. Here, you can get to know us better and get your questions answered.

We'll also have our annual NE Networking Event. This event is sold out every year. Here, you meet hundreds of other dietitians and network, network, network!

To top off our evening networking event, we have an annual breakfast as well for you morning risers! This is another chance for you to network.

If that wasn't enough, we have meetings for each of our specialty groups (private practice, speakers and media, technology and social media, coaches, corporate health, and authors and writers). In these meetings you'll hear from experts in the specific topic of interest. You'll also be provided with more networking opportunities.

As you may see, NE is all about networking!

For more details, check out where NE will be at FNCE®.

NE Mini Meetings

An NE Mini Meeting is simply a gathering with other NE members in your area. It can be as informal or as formal as you like.

It's a way to network, have fun, and learn more!

For example, imagine inviting local RDNs to coffee or a lunch hour and discussing tips on how to successfully market in your area.

Or, get more formal and invite a guest speaker on your topic of choice (for example, How to Maximize Social Media for Business). Have your fellow NE members listen to the speaker over drinks or appetizers.

It’s up to you! The mini meeting is your oyster!  Check out the members section for information about how to host your own mini meeting.  Check out the Mini-Meetings Page or the Calendar for mini-meetings in your area.