Members On The Move

Are you a Member on the Move?

Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) offers members the opportunity to share a recent noteworthy accomplishment once per membership year. Member on the Move (MOTM) submissions are limited to 75 words and can include a headshot of the member. MOTM are featured in Ventures member newsletter and on the NE website. MOTM contributions are a wonderful way to share your success story and thereby inspire, motivate, and generate enthusiasm among the NE membership. To contribute your MOTM story, submit the 75 word description of your achievement to the e-mail address of the NE Past Chair whose contact info is on the member Executive Committee.

Please note the lead time from submission to publication can be up to 3 months.


Congratulations to NE's 50+ year Academy members!

Congratulations to NE members who are being recognized this year for reaching the 50+ years membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The pioneering vision and creative endeavors of these members are a tribute to each of them. Their contributions to NE and to Academy have brought great value to the profession. They have given of their time and talent as role models, mentors, innovators, advocates, and perhaps most importantly to the evolution of the role of the dietitian in both traditional and non-traditional careers.


Dorothy M. Rowe PhD  FAND
Kay C. Donohue 
Ernestine Phillips RDN
Rosemary K. Newman PhD  FAND
Barbara McSheffery MS  LD
Bettie C. Stanislao PhD  RDN  LN
Jean C. Robinson BS
Willie J. Sylvester MS  LDN
Digna I. Cassens MHA  RDN  CLT
Inez F. Speranza RD  LDN
Barbara Ann F. Hughes PhD  MPH  FADA  FAND
Judith L. Dodd MS  RDN  LDN  FAND
Georgia E. Hodgkin EDD  FADA  FAND
Jo Ann T. Hattner MPH  RDN
Edward R. Tate PhD
Ruth A. Houser 
Susan B. C. Cook MA  BS  LDN
Jean D. Ramsay MS  RD  LDN
Georgene M. Ranney CD
Joanne Y. Iwamiya RDN
Linda J. Bethel MS  RDN  LDN  CLT
Sandra L. Keith MPH  LD